LightSabre V1.4 updated for N82 and N95

3. December 2007 at 17:50

You may all heard of LightSabre, an application using the built in Accelerometer API of the N95 or N82 for a lightsabre. If not, jump over to my earlier post. Today version 1.4 was launched and it has some pretty neat improvements. However, I do not like the new sound for the hit. I’m looking forward that Graham will edit this sound, thus I’m gonna be satisfied.

Change log:
* More Swing FX
* New Clash FX and Hit FX
* Sharp movement or Flick produces hit /clash
* Back light stays on
* Flashing sabre now full screen
* Sabre on / off graphics fx.

Here a video (recorded with my N95) showing version 1.4 running on my N82.

Important: Install it on the phone, not on the memory card!

Download LightSabre v1.4

If it doesn’t work, unistall it, install Accelerometer API and install LightSabre once again.

Download Acceleromter API