Nseries WOM World Nokia World Quiz

4. December 2007 at 14:37

Today I received an email from the folks over at WOM World which I don’t want to hide from you:

”You may or may not know that some of the WOM World team are currently at Nokia world in Amsterdam, and have with them members from All About Symbian, Symbian-Freak and Mobile burn. At 19:00 GMT on Wednesday 5th December, members from the three communitees are going to go head-to-head in a Nokia themed quiz. The winning community will guarantee 5 of their members (selected by the team captain) an N82 trial. You’ll be able to test your own knowledge and follow their progress as it will be streamed live using Ustream.tv, below are the embed code and channel link if you want to help us broadcast this momentous occasion:

URL: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nseries-wom-world-nokia-world-quiz

The teams are as follows:

All About Symbian
Joint Captain: Rafe Blandford
Joint Captain: Ewan Spence
Noel Kennedy (aka kontraband)
Carlo Longino (aka Carlo)
Tarek Abu-Esber (aka TarekAbu-Esber)


Team Captain: Teo Bartulovic (aka Apocalypso)
Martyn Britton (aka Marty3)
Bica Mihai Gabriel(aka Bytales)
Vineeth M Kumar (aka Vinumsv)
Murray Winiata (aka NZtechfreak)

Mobile Burn
Joint Captain Jay Monatano (aka Jose R.A.M)
Joint Captain Ricky (aka Symbian Guru)
Christian Haslam (aka Chaslam)
Michael Onyeyiri (aka MikeUK)
Mohannad Hammadeh (aka zalameh1)

WOM World reps: Donna & Frank
Helpfully assisted by: The one and only diva, Darla Mack and the man from Finland, Stefan C”

Of course I’ll watch this awesome show because it’s kind of interesting seeing all these Nokia experts in a competition. Furthermore I want to know, what the Guru, Rafe and all the others know. I do hope that I’ll learn new stuff about Nokia or cellphones in general. So, take your seat and enjoy the show over at Ustream.tv.