N95 vs. N82: Who is faster?

5. December 2007 at 21:01

Speed is nowadays an important issue. Therefore Nokia made some big improvements which you can see on the latest Nseries device – the N82 and also on the new firmware ( V20.0.015) of the N95 . However, which device is faster in capturing pictures and which device boots faster? To answer this question I’ve taken two videos using my Kodak with the DT-22 tripod ( which works great). The first video shows how fast both phones start the camera application and how fast they taking and saving a picture. The second video shows the booting of the N82 and N95



All in all you can say, that both phones are pretty fast. Nevertheless the N82 is a little bit faster than the N95. It needs 3 seconds less to boot and also some seconds less to save a picture. However, it’s really mind-blowing when you compare the speed improvement of the new N95 firmware. Maybe the N82 becomes even faster with a new firmware, which I would welcome.