N95 vs. N82: The advantages

14. December 2007 at 15:06

In a lot of eyes is the N82 just a candybar copy of the N95. Both, the N95 and N82, have a 5 megapixel camera, W-Lan, built in GPS and many more features. However, as an N82 and N95 user I can say that each phone has his special advantages. But what are these special advantages? In which categories is the N95 better than the N82 or what has the N82 the N95 doesn’t have? Here are some examples:


Built quality:
N82’s built quality is really good. Everything is solid, no light leak and nothing is wobbly, just the navikey makes sometimes strange noise you can hear quietly. The camera camera shutter works fine, I like the noise when I open and close it. The front of the N82 looks really nobly and the color mix of the three different colors is pretty neat. The back of the device is really scratch resistant. Besides it the N82 feels really good in your hand and is neither big nor small.



The N82 has about 94MB of Ram after a fresh boot – that’s amazing. That’s three times more than N95’s 28MB. I’m using the N82 now for a while and nevertheless the N82 doesn’t froze, crashed down or closed any application. I can open all application which are installed on my N82, but nothing closed and I can use the N82 as usual.


When I heard that the N82 will have a Xenon-flash I thought that I personally don’t need a Xenon-flash but now I know that Nokia’s idea of putting a Xenon-flash into the N82 was totally right. The Xenon-flash is much more brighter than N95’s LED. In rooms or places without light you can see more details.

The N82 is like Hamilton, the Formel1 driver form the UK, just faster. It boots within seconds which I really like. I think every S60 user know the problem of the long booting time but now Nokia make some pretty improvement. Despite of this speed improvement they also improve the speed of the camera. After you have taken a picture, it takes 2 seconds till you can see the final picture and about 6 seconds till the whole operation is over.

Battery life:
I already posted my batterlog you can read here. Anyway, N82’s BP-6MT is pretty strong and keeps alive about 1 1/2 day in a extrem usage. When I use the N95 on the same way, I have to charge it on the end of the day.


Because I listen a lot music on a phone, I love N95’s multimediakeys. If I want to skip the song, I don’t have to switch to the musicplayer because I have only use the multimediakeys. Besides you can easily start the musicplayer, just pressing the play button and the music starts playing.


The N95 has a 2.6” QVGA screen which is pretty nifty. Watching movies or pictures is a pleasure. If you switch form 2.6” to 2.4” , like I did, you will know what I mean.


You maybe noticed that Nokia has placed N82’s loudspeakers on the left site of the device. The N95, however, has his speakers on the left and on the right.I do like this more because you have a better sound quality in a big room. Bedsides I often cover a loudspeaker with my finger when I hold the N82 in my hand. This affects the good sound thus the sound becomes annoying.

The N95 and the N82 are a wash. Both have their own advantages and also disadvantages. The N95 is a better music device and better to watch videos. The N82 is with his Xenon-flash a great imaging device