RotateMe V2.0 Beta 5 available!

16. December 2007 at 17:19

Today Samir released a new version of RotateMe V2.0 – but not the long awaited final version but the beta 5 of RotateMe. As you can read over at when there are no more bugs in this version he will make the final version available to everybody out there. But there´s something special in this last betaversio too: You don´t have to donate to get it.

I´ve made a few screenshots for you folks:

So, as you can see, now you can change the sensitivity, the inactivity delay, etc. by your own. That´s great because you can set it like you want!

By the way, if you found some bugs report it to Samir! I found no bugs yet.

Download here!