Accelerometer games for N95 (8GB), N82 and N93(i)

20. December 2007 at 17:34

Some weeks ago a lot users noticed the built in accelerometer of the N95. Now we know that other devices like the N95 8GB, N93 (i) and the new N82 also have this accelerometer built in. Nifty developers like Samir developed great programs and also some games. Well, I have to confess that these games aren’t as good as the new N-gage games but they are using the accelerometer pretty good. I’ve made a little video, showing two games – Groove Labyrinth and Accelerivaders, running on the Nokia N95 8GB:

(Here on You Tube)

Groove Labyrinthwas is developed for the 5500 and thus doesn’t fit the screen of the N82, N95 8GB and the other devices. Nevertheless it’s a good and funny game, in which you have to move a ball through a labyrinth.

Accelervinaders is a neat retro game in which you have to shot some bad aliens. Anyway, all the games a freeware, thus you can download them and try them on your phone. However, first of all you have to download the Acceleromter Plugin ””.


Download Nokia_5500_GrooveLabyrinth_v_3_0_4.sis