What Nseries needs is…

22. December 2007 at 23:18

Well, the year is almost over and Nokia, and especially Nseries devices like the N82 or N95 have brought us a lot new features. However, nobody is perfect and so I’ve put together a list with things, I’d love to see in Nokia’s next flagship:

  • At least 2.6” screen
  • At least 128MB of RAM
  • Xenon-flash
  • 5 megapixel
  • Wi-Fi
  • More built in application using the accelermeter
  • A powerful battery
  • VGA screen
  • Feature Pack 2
  • 3.5.mm Jack
  • TV-out
  • Mini-USB
  • VGA video quality
  • Navi-wheel for the whole menu
  • USB charging
  • Support for flash videos

That’s it. Do you miss something? If so, tell me what to add or what to delete.