Browser Benchmark: Nokia N97 vs. iPhone, 5800 Xpress Music and Co.

7. May 2010 at 23:36

4587650044_b238f8ef2e_oA new browser benchmark for mobile phones is available and allows to compare several browser easily. The Finnish company ”Rightmark” provides a consumer-version on their website. Just point your browser to From there you can start the benchmark.

The test reviews especially the java-script-performance of the browser. According to Rightmark’s CEO, Tero Sarkkinen, this is a good method to infer to the whole performance of the browser.

We  compared several devices such as the Nokia N97, the iPhone 3G, the N900 and more. Here are the results:

Apple iPhone 3G: 9028

Nokia N900: 8429

Nokia N97 (Opera Mobile 10): 3723

Nokia N97 (standard browser): 3403

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: 3275

Nokia N95 8GB: 1739

As you can see, the iPhone 3G and the N900 did clearly scored more points than the three Symbian devices. Also, it is remarkable that the N97 did score more points with Opera Mobile 10 than with the standard browser. Have you used this benchmark yet? If so, what is your score?