N95 8GB vs. N82 vs Kodak Z740: Whose Flash is better?

30. December 2007 at 14:34

Since Nokia has launched the N82, more and more people are talking about its Xenon-flash. They want to know how good the flash is and whether it’s better than a flash of a real camera. Therefore I’ve made a little test using the N95 8GB, N82 and a Kodak Z740. I shot with every device some pictures in dark rooms and compered them. Here are the results:

Left: N95 8GB right: N82 below: Kodak Z740 click to enlarge

N958GB074 Image561 100_6811

A great example: N95 8GB’s picture is to bright and the one of the Kodak is a little bit to dark. Only the result of the N82 can satisfy

N958GB071 Image560 100_6808

N82’s picture is pretty good and not as dark as the two others.

N958GB070 Image559 100_6804

N95 8GB’s picture is unfortunately to bright thus you can’t read all letters and numbers.

N958GB053 Image544

Another motive, other results. As you can see do all three pictures look different. However N82’s picture is the best one. again.

N958GB050 Image538 100_6744

N958GB049 Image537 N958GB038

The N82’s made the best picture. The colours are great and way better than the other two results.

N958GB068 Image557 100_6801

In a certain distance to a object, is the flash of the N95 8GB really good. In this case are the pictures of the N82 and N95 8GB a wash.

No doubt, the N82 makes the best pictures in bad light conditionals. The Xenon-flash was a great idea and causes great pictures. The Kodak Z740 neither disappoints nor impressed me. The LED of the N95 8GB is in the correct distance good, but if it’s to close or to far away, are the pictures not good at all.