Wavelog: WordPress client for S60 devices

12. January 2008 at 11:27

Wavelog is a WordPress client which allows you to post your content from your phone to your blog. So you can post text, image, audio or video to yout blog. Wavelog isn’t avalable yet. However, visit the developer’s site after 14 January 2008 to get a free trail version. I’m looking forward to get my hands on this software, because my Blog is running obviously on WordPress.com. Stay tunded to read more about Wavelog.

”Wavelog settings

In the “Post to URL” box enter the Internet address of the XML-RPC server of the blog you
wish to post to (also known as XML-RPC endpoint). For WordPress.com hosted blog the
address will look like this:
For blogs hosted elsewhere, if you login to your blog on address like this:
then the address of the XML-RPC server will be:
Important: Do not forget https in the Internet address if the blog supports SSL transport
layer security!
In the Username and Password fields enter the credentials of the user account that has
sufficient rights to post to the blog. For user account details, please refer to the
documentation of the blog publishing platform.

Settings could be saved only with licensed application.

Post structure

Every post is organized as a table where each cell may contain different content type (text, images,
audio files or videos).

Posting images

To facilitate selecting images for posting, Wavelog displays image thumbnails together with file name and file size.

This feature is not available in free trial.”

Source: Telewaving