Interview with the man behind FlipSilent!

18. January 2008 at 22:40

Hi to everyone. This is my first time writing for this blog and I appreciate Norman’s invite. I will not say much about myself, some of you do know me, Meraj from PhoneReport.Info. I will post articles I write from my blog that concern to Symbian to this blog.

Today I interviewed Mr Tong Ren, who developed the application FlipSilent, many of the Symbian enthusiasts say that he stole the idea from Samir Oueldi and his ShutUp application, he clarifies that this is not true. Read below for the full fresh interview from this Forum Nokia winner.

Good afternoon Mr Tong Ren, we are really glad for this interview with us.

I will start with same basic but always interesting questions about you.

What was your first phone?

Erricson @ 2001, I forgot the type

When did you start programming?


When did you get into Symbian, and which one was your first smartphone?

I got into Symbian in 2004 with Nokia 6600

We know that you were a Forum Nokia champion, please enlighten us about how you accomplished this feat.

OpenC challenge, 2nd runner up. They invited me.

What is your favourite application at the moment?


What phone do you use at the moment?


What is your current profession (job)?

Researcher at E-Learning lab of Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

Now I will move onto particular FlipSilent questions.

Many people say that your idea was stolen from Mr Samir Oueldi on his unfinished application ShutUp, is this true?

My Idea is From here: at about 1min 23 sec

Why distribute the application freeware when you know you can always make money selling it?

As a developer, I have a dream, wishing one day, I can have my application installed on every mobile phone! Freeware will be quicker to make my dream come true. I accept donations. A world map here from google analytics.

What do you FlipSilent final version to do? Please list all features.

It is determined by user requests, If I think it is reasonable , I will add it.

Do you plan on releasing the code for FlipSilent and making it OpenSource? If no please explain the reason.

I am not sure yet, maybe yes, if I don’t commercialize it.

What are your future applications’ plans?

Very busy with FlipSilent, less than 4 hour sleep per day. No plan, yet.

What would you like Nokia to do with the accelerometer?

I hope they can Install accelerometer to every phone released in the future, like the camera…

What specs does your dream phone have?

IT is fast, no idea…

We truly appreciate the time you spent with us and wish you the best of luck in your projects.

The PhoneReport.Info team

Please do post questions that you feel we should ask Mr Tong.