Reasons why I should wait for Nokia N8

9. June 2010 at 18:22

Nokia_N8_05These recent days there are lots of tempting news and rumours. Some of them are enough to break the patience of the people who are waiting for Nokia N8. But well, I have lists of mine that I keep thinking when the time that nerdgasms enters my mind and try to eliminate my excitement for N8.

I like Nokia N8 so much and that’s:

  • Because N8 is the first Nokia phone to have a 12 MP and also it is the successor for the N86 and N82. N8 CameraWith Xenon attached on N8, night shots would be never a problem anymore. We should not also forget on how Carl Zeiss added the superb optics flavour in N82 and that’s why it became legendary camera phone of Nokia. This is getting more exciting in the new N8 because of the reduced Xenon flash and a more promising Carl Zeiss optics. Now I will not worry for cropping the image and printing it to large materials.
  • Because it will record and play HD videos. Aside from crisp photos, we will get also a video recording capabilities in HD!
  • Because N8 has the biggest camera sensor from the field of camera phones and other compact cameras. An astonishing 1/1.8″ Sensor. It has also a 1.75µm pixel size which gives better performance in low light. The bigger and the larger in numbers means better. These are how the 12MP will be useful.
  • Because it is Symbian^3 and you will actually notice that the home screen are similar to the Symbian^1 inForum Nokia N97 and N97 mini. The cool stuff here is we will get 4 homescreen on the new N8. Plus adding more to excitement is the new UI on the phone. I saw the gallery and editing features and I was really amazed on the changes and the speed is noticeably have improved on N8.
  • Because this is cool, the USB OTG! Another thing is the way that N8 can make our usb sticks and storage a slave. I don’t need to transfer my files on the computer before reaching the N8. I can also just add movies and songs directly to N8 from a USB drive.
  • Because HD tvs and projectors are everywhere and I can finally stream or play high quality videos in the big screens.
  • Because I always watch TV. I’m really an avid subscriber of National Geographic and CNN and I am really happy with the new features of N8. I can bring N8 anywhere and watch my favorite channels. Of course, this will be more exciting because of the OLED screen of Nokia N8.
  • Because I can’t pick the right color for me until now. I can’t pick on what exact color to get on Nokia nokia-n8-smartphoneN8 and this is a big problem yet fun! All colors are really attractive and the more I wait the more I rattle in choosing the right color for me. Anodized materials offers comfy feelings in my hands and giving more durability. But here’s a dark grey N8 gallery.
  • Because of my gaming capabilities. My first Nseries devices was N81 and I bought it with the reason I love gaming. Ngage 2.0 was good but it will be better if it will be put in a device with a fast and powerful hardwares and N8 has the future. I really love watching tires rubbing to the concrete of highways.
  • Because it is affordable. I mentioned lots of cool features of N8 and yet the price of N8 is really affordable! Who can imagine that all these features with a price tag of 370 Euro (before taxes and subsidies).

That’s the few things why I like N8 and love to wait for it. I hope some of you have the same sentiment on mine. lols.