How to: Change Fonts in S60 3rd

19. January 2008 at 16:51

You want to customize your S60 device? Yes? Okay, let´s customize! Today I´ll show you how to change the fonts of your gadget.

Let´s start…

Works on all S60 3rd devices except those with built-in memory like N95 8GB or N81 8GB!

1. You need: A Nokia S60 3rd device, something to write, a cardreader or USB-cable and of course your computer.

2. At first download a explorer like Y-Browser or similar and install it on your device.

3. Then start your explorer and go to Z:/resource/Fonts

4. Now you need something to write. Write down exactly the names of all the fonts in this folder (nohindisnr60, S60ZDIGI, …)

5. Choose the font that you want on your device. It should be a *.ttf file. You can download fonts e.g. here. You can also take a file from your computer, if you use windows they´re all in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts

6. Make a new folder called “Fonts”, and copy the font you´ve chosen in this folder. Paste it as many times as you need it and rename it exactly like the names you´ve written down before (nohindisnr60, …)

7. Take out your memorycard or connect your device to the computer and choose data transfer.

8. Go to your memory card (E:\) and create a new folder called resource if it isn´t there yet.

9. Now copy the folder “Fonts” you´ve made before and paste it into the resource folder on your memory card.

10. Switch off your phone and put in your memorycard. Now turn on your phone again.

11. Congratulations, you changed the font on your device!

To reset the font, just turn off your phone, take out the memorycard and delete the folder “Fonts” on it. Put it in again and restart the phone.

!!!VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT change the fonts on your phonememory (C:\), only on your memorycard (E:\)!!!

If there are any questions leave a comment.