Bob Iannucci and the truth about S60

19. January 2008 at 20:29

What Bob said in his podcast for The Way We Live Next was no lie and certainly no news to anyone in the Symbian community, but what I guess is that many people didn’t fully realize.

If you focus on the Operating System rather than on the hardware on S60 phones, you will see it for yourself, it was happening on my old 6600 and now its happening on my N95.

Symbians evolve, or atleast their software does. For enthusiasts and sometimes for other regular users, the handset is never the end product, it’s always changing and constantly improving.

That is how Nokia managed to win our hearts, they build a software platform which keeps on molding depending on what developers release.

There are definitely tons of examples of this. The most recent one is the Accelerometer API implementation, many brilliant programmers such as Samir Oueldi and Tong Ren came up with programs such as RotateMe, Nokmote, ShutUp, FlipSilent, and I don’t have any doubt that more are to come.

If you want to go back to OS7, you can talk about the Nokia 6600 and phones alike, programs such as Start Menu imitating Windows’ Start Menu, Video console emulators such as PicoDrive and many others.

Smartphones are in fact computers with reduced power, and they do have the same possibilites such as a Windows has.

What Nokia has to watch out is for the upcoming Google Android, for software enthusiasts this could be the next best thing as the Operating System itself is moldable, because it’s Open Source. Maybe a S60 Open Source could be the answer to fight against the Android?

The Open Source S60 could be better because Linux was initially intended for computers, and Symbian is truly smartphone dedicated. Most clients aren’t software maniacs, so Nokia and the Symbian community itself won’t change just because of competition, but they will open many of their doors to programmers hungry for customization.

Source: PhoneReport