Free Useful Apps to Enhance your N97 & N97 mini

15. June 2010 at 14:30

Aside from being the flagship of Nokia, there are still many ways to get the exclusivity of your N97 and Mini, as well as the Symbian^1. Like gearing up your device with these tweaks to home screen applications and here’s the lists of useful ones that could enhance your N97 experience. Some of these are from Betalabs of Nokia and others are from Ovi Store.

N97 vs N97 mini

Pictures of White Nokia N97 & N97 Mini

So, get ready to fuel the S60V5 madness on your N97 with these free apps:

Nokia Feel – If you want to explore more on what’s inside of you N97 then adding this on your list would help you. If you feel choked with the limited features that your device can make so here’s the a safe button to press. Nokia Feel would help you discover more things by suggesting a random feelings for you that you can choose to from. (the app can now support other Nokia devices)

Nokia Diagnostics – Test and solve problems on your N97 that you might encounter. With Nokia Diagnostics you can test network coverage, internet connectivity, battery & charger, loudspeaker and earpiece to keep them good and running whilst troubleshooting the problems, if there are.

Nokia Bot – Nokia bots is composed of add-ons and each of them has a bot that observe/senses and learn the user’s behaviors whilst using the phone, by observing and learning the bots then auto-configure the phone’s programs and functions by basing it on the behaviors that it learned from you.

Green Charging – If you love mother earth then start something green. This screamo-app could save thousands of trees if this is installed to millions of phones. It will shout just to notify you that your phone is ready to unplug and fully charged. You can also see the status of your battery in the form of light bulb w/ a tree.

Screen Snap – here’s the app that could record or take a snap of your current screen. This work as your screen shot app that you could find in almost Nokia Symbian S60.

Nokia Notifications – This app gathers missed calls, voice mails, messages and calendar alarms and add them in the lists for notifications. It has also a widget for the home screen of your N97 and N97 mini.

Bonus: Nokia N97 Widget – You will get exclusive stuffs like news, guides/tutorials and get to chance to be feature on this app by submitting your own guides too.