N810: Unboxing and initial thoughts

22. January 2008 at 20:40

Some months ago I’ve been trialing the Nokia N800, which runs on Linux. Now the folks over at WOM World have send me the N810 with Wi-Fi, GPS and some more neat killer features. I want to share the first moments of the unboxing and than my initial thoughts with you.



The DHL bag with the N810 in it is just waiting for the unboxing.

Here we go, on the front you can already see the N810 Internet Tablet. The back shows three pictures of the device itself, some keyfeatures and trademarks.


Nseries user may know this, the typical Nseries opening panel. The N810 is hidden behind a plastic shell.The slogan of the box is: You’re so close now! Open up and enjoy getting closer to you friends, your internet and your entertainment.


Here the whole content of the sales package:

– N810 Internet Tablet(RX-44)

– Two stylus

-Battery with 1500 mAh (BP-4L)

– Headset (HS-48)

– Casing case

– Mobile Holder (CR-89)

– Easy Mount (HH-12)

– Charger (AC-4E)

– Manuals

– A cloth

– Screws for the carmount

Initial thoughts:

I’ve been playing with the N800 for a while and now I’m really surprised of the successor – it has a lot improvements. The biggest improvement in case of hardware Nokia made is the QWERTZ keyboard. The keys are pretty big and good to use. Another nifty improvement is the look and feel. The N810 looks awesome and is thin, especially when you open the slider which causes that the N810 looks just like a little laptop. Moreover, the materials are pretty nobly and are looking cool too. The accessories like the carmount and the casing case are great and really generous from Nokia. I do looking forward to trial it the next two weeks and to learn more about another OS like Linux. So, stay tuned