Reasons why you should NOT wait for the Nokia N8

19. June 2010 at 13:48

nokia n8 smartphone Nokia N8 Confirmed to Support DivX/XvidIn a previous post Jade talked about the reasons why one should wait for the Nokia N8 instead of getting one of the current hot toys like the iPhone 4 or the HTC Desire. Of course I personally would also wait for the Nokia N8 but, yes there is a but, there are also reasons why one should definitely not wait:

  • Because Symbian^3 is less an revolution as an evolution – even Nokia said so. Symbian, however, needs exactly this – an revolution – in order to survive on the market .

    When it comes to the usability and beauty of the UI, S60 5th Edition and now Symbian^3 are far far behind. Icons still look like in 2005 and the fonts too. Maybe Symbian^4 is the big Messiahs Nokia and Symbian have been waiting for but Symbian^3 cannot compete with iOS 4 and Android in terms in breakthrough for UI, maybe because Symbian^3 is a complete overhaul for Symbian^1 problems.
  • Because other smartphones do also record 720p videos and offer even more around this feature. The recently announced iPhone 4 does also 720p videos but with 30fps instead of the N8’s 25. Sony Ericsson’s Vivaz Pro can also record HD videos, does continuous focus and is already available in the stores. So, this feature is not as groundbreaking as it first sounds
  • Because Nokia World is coming soon and Nokia will, without a doubt, announce a few more smartphones. Of course it remains to be seen what exactly Anssi Vanjoki will show off. One of which can be the E7 that rumours already a while in the internet. Hence, if you want a Nokia, you should wait for the Nokia World and new devices instead of for the Nokia N8.
  • N8 divzBecause the N8 misses many basic features. For example DivX videos are not supported and a multitouch keyboard
    does not exists.
  • Because there are almost no killer apps and games. While developers are eager to write and contribute high quality apps for Apples’s App store, the Ovi Store mainly consists out of poor applications and games. All mayor titles like Splinter Cell, Spider Man or Iron Man 2 are only announced for the iPhone, not however for Symbian. If you love apps and games, than you should not wait for the N8 and Symbian

  • Because the hardware is not cutting edge. It begins with the nHD screen (360 x 640 pixels) and ends with the 680Mhz processor. Almost all other vendors have already at least one devices with a strong 1Ghz processor and a crystal sharp display. The best example is again the iPhone 4 with its stunning 640 x 960 pixels display which is based on IPS technology.

Concluding I want to say, that some of these points may be a little bit exaggerated, but it shows the tension between Nokia fans and Nokia haters. Also does it highlight the problem Nokia and Symbian are facing these days. Now we want to hear your take! Are you waiting for the Nokia N8 or do you think that the N8 is not worth the money.