How to: Simple steps to N95 mouse motion

25. January 2008 at 22:34

Asier has created a great program which we have seen in most blogs and forums. NiiMe uses Python, Accelerometer and Bluetooth so that you can use your phone as a mouse by simply tilting it. I have been struggling with it for the past days, but managed to come right thanks to some tips from sid on prodigits and some logic…

For the ones who still can’t get it working, I created a very basic tutorial:

Step 1

Get Python on your computer. The tutorial is mainly intended for Vista as it was done on a notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit but I’m sure it can help in XP installations.
You can get Python from here. Install it, the latest build is 2.5.1 and has ctypes included.

Step 2

Install wxPhython, which you can get here.

Step 3

Install NiiMe02PackedBeta which you can get here.

Step 4

Configure your Bluetooth drivers, go to Control Panel and open Bluetooth Devices.

Remove all the unnecessary devices, or even all but the phone that will be used as a mouse. This removes all the used COM ports, because for some funny reason, the program won’t work if the COM port is set above 10.

Set an incoming COM port as shown.

Step 5

Install Accelerometer Plug-In and aXYZ Plug-In your phone. Note that phones without accelerometer/motion sensor can’t use this program.

Step 6

Install Python and its Shell. You can download them respectively here and here.

Step 7

Open the NiiMe application, select the incoming COM port, if you don’t know it or you skipped the Control Panel step, you just have to guess it. Click Connect once you got the right port. You will notice because your phone will prompt to allow connection. You can click Invert if you want the Up and Down movements to work oppositely in some games or programs.

Step 8

Open Python in your phone, Go to Bluetooth console and select your computer. It should automatically initialize the application.

Step 9

Enjoy, this step is crucial