Video:Fujitsu docomo F-08B—A new style with a touch of smile

21. June 2010 at 07:47

Fujitsu F-08BJapan is always having a special treatment to their people like on the new series of Fujitsu docomo Prime F-06B. The F-06B can capture 1080p or Full-HD video, it’s a 13.2MP camera and it’s also a water-resistant smartphone running on Symbian^2. The latest addition is the Fujitsu docomo Style F-08B that is also running on Symbian^2 platfom. The same as F-06B, it is also a water-resistant phone with a from of clam shell and

only with 5MP camera (no pun intended). Just an ordinary phone when you look at it,

but there are still more special about it. The new F-08B has a dimple or an “ekubo” that illuminates when you touch it and with 406 different variations. It also glow when you have notifications. It has also a user-friendly button design, as well as a feature that displays lists and submenu texts using enlarged characters. The phone is designed to give comfort and innovative new features giving more pleasure for artisans.

Fujitsu docomo Prime series F-08B