Interview: Tommi Vilkamo

26. January 2008 at 18:23

If you’re a reader of the S60 blogs you should know him – Tommi. He is working for S60 and is author of his own Tommi’s S60 Application Blog. Read the interview to learn more about Tommi.

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So,tell me something about your person.(age,hobby etc.)

Thanks for asking, but I don’t reallly like to write about my personal life anymore. I think too many bloggers, as they gain in popularity, mistakenly start believing that it is themselves that makes their blog popular. And as they start writing increasingly about themselves, the quality of their writing tends to go down fast. I almost went that route once, and therefore I decided to consciously avoid it – and not share my personal life too much in public.

But if you insist, I do love stout.

How do you came to the mobile and S60 scene?

I have been working for Nokia since 2002, and in a small mobile software company before that. The blogging thing started in late 2005, while I worked in a small application development team inside Nokia. Back then, I was writing a popular Nokia internal blog about the S60 application scene, and somebody asked that why don’t I make that public. I couldn’t figure out any reason why not. So I sent a quick email to the team, and they liked the idea.

And as it happens, on 7 November 2005, Nokia officially joined the blog world.

Tell us something about your blog.

Nowadays, I have two public ones: and The first one is related to my day-job as the manager of Nokia Beta Labs. The second one used to be about S60 applications, but I decided to rebrand it and to focus it on my new area of curiosity: the intersection of Nokia and the web.

Why did you start blogging?

Two reasons. First, to explore whether it would be beneficial for Nokia, for my team, and for the Nokia users out there. Second, for selfish reasons: to regain my name in Google search and to create a “global microbrand” for myself in my area of expertise. Looking back, both seem to have work out pretty well.

Do you have a idol(blogging idol)?

No. I think idolizing bloggers is quite lame. But there are several writers, both in the web and in traditional media, who I seriously admire.

Lately, if I have read something extraordinarily insightful, and used in my work, I’ve tried to contact the author to thank them and to expand their ideas. As my surprise, most of them have replied thoughtfully. I just love this new world of two-wayness of everything.

What was your first S60 phone and which device do you have at the moment?

Nokia 3650. Nokia N95.

What do you like most about S60?

What do the fish like most about the ocean?

Been here quite long to make the call :-)

Where should S60 make improvements?

Coincidentially, I made (in my previous job) a massive Nokia internal study, where we analyzed the competitiveness of S60 in all relevant dimensions. Obviously, I can’t share the detailed conclusions here. Anyway, my personal opinion is that further improvements in user experience, making S60 the best frend with the web, and post-purchase software updates are increasingly important focus areas for the near future.

Now a question you miss and you want to answer?

Q: Any particular brand stout?
A: Murphy’s Irish Stout.

Thanks for the opportunity!

– tommi