Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 – Ten Things Why Nokia N8 Is Better

30. June 2010 at 15:13

First of all, let’s face the inconvenient truth that there is no perfect smartphone in this planet, but still we could consider that there is one smartest out there. Both Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 are candidates, so we will see if which part of my lists does Nokia N8 really standout against iPhone 4.

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One of the biggest advantage of Nokia N8 over the iPhone 4 is the price. With the price tag of €370 euros before taxes and subsidies, and converting it to pounds would give us £300. Comparing to the iPhone 4 (unlocked) 16GB with a price of £499 and £599 for 32GB. Therefore making the Nokia N8 much cheaper for a smartphone with cool multimedia features and especially Symbian^3 os.

We admit that the iPhone 4 is slimmer, but there are consequences on this, like on the camera performance e.g. zooming and sensor size. For the color variants of Nokia N8, the mass is already have a wide choice for their taste on the color. There are currently 5 anodized casing  for N8 the dark grey, silver white, green, blue and orange For the iPhone 4, there are two the white and the black (no pun intended) and obviously I don’t like that my phone is mistakenly identified by others as an iPhone 3GS or iPod touch.

Video Call
The limitations of Apple facetime for the Wi-Fi connection and iPhone to iPhone is what Nokia already solved and made possible long time ago to their devices. So in N8 you will not be bounded by connections and you will get connected for the video calls in any capable devices.

HDMI + Dolby Surround
Another one few specs that a 2010 smartphone have is the HDMI connection where you can connect to your home theatre. With HD TV you will get a crisp and clear visual treatment as well as with your sound with the Dolby Digital Plus.

The Nokia N8 has a 16GB internal storage plus giving you a chance to add an external hot swappable microSD card up to 32GB.

USB On-the-Go
If 48GB of storage is not enough for you then consider this USB on-the-go feature where you can read and make slave USB sticks from external hard drive like on this 250GB hdd.

Usability (Reception issue)
If you’re afraid to get a bad reception just because of the phone’s inability to not allow you to have a proper grip, well, isn’t that obvious that this could be one of the biggest mistake that Cupertino company made? Eventhough Nokia N8 isn’t launched yet, we all know that this Finnish giant have more than 1 billion of devices out there and we never have the incidents where people protests just because of the reception issue.

To have the biggest camera sensor in the field of camera phones—and even bigger than the other p&s cameras—means that we are having the right innovations. By the size of the N8 and to its one of a kind features, it really shows that this is an advance feature that Nokia N8 will hold against competitors.

Xenon flash
It is still a strong advert of manufacturers that LED flash can provide you enough light for taking pictures. But it is still a fact that xenon flash are the one who leads in the technology of flash for compact cameras as well as to mobile phones. What Nokia did is they reduced the size of the flash to 30% less compare to Nokia N82 & without losing the power.

Editing software & Ovi Maps are free (Symbian^3)
If you’re phone has an HD capable video recording and Symbian^3 on N8 has an on-board video editor and without pulling some extra bucks from your pocket, of course. The same on Ovi Maps, neither we need a connection nor we would pay for it. That is really the magic of Nokia, bringing us connected anywhere and anytime.

Obviously, we are not biased on posting articles nor we are against iPhone 4 to prove if just check Norman’s article about reasons why he shouldn’t wait for Nokia N8.