N81 Firmware: V.11.0.045 Change Log

28. January 2008 at 17:10

We have already reported about the ”new” firmware of the N81. Now Symbian-Freak posted a huge change log of the v11.0.045 firmware.

Changes/improvements made from Firmware v10.0.035 to v11.0.045


  • CK25W and CarMenu application not working properly when repeatedly leaving and entering range
  • Volume is muted during call setup with Bluetooth headset BH903
  • BT Connectivity problems with Acura/MDX bluetooth freelink Car Kit
  • Phone stops responding to ATcommands when multiple BT audio profiles are used
  • Acception query for BH900 showed twice after headset and phone restartup
  • Problems closing BT connection with Plantronics 340 BT Handsfree.


  • Browser generates invalid file names when saving files with invalid characters.
  • On going download files from Browser can be seen in Music Shop
  • Web feeds will be updated every 2 minutes
  • Zoom function causes the browser to crash
  • Unable to reply to emails in browser
  • Browsing a long time crashes the browser.
  • amazon.com login doesn’t work
  • Browser does not erase user login information after initial use of Gmail
  • localhost or http://localhost is not working when using racoon server
  • Crash is generated while browsing CNN money
  • Browser plugin does not implement memory collection on an outofmemory condition
  • Browser auto exit when browsing to http://www.detik.com
  • Browser go back in history when leaving input field


  • Cannot start camera for sending MMS from active call options if camera is not used before.
  • Restoring factory settings results in inconsistency in some dynamic settings
  • Sometimes camera restarts after sending an MMS from active call options
  • Camera gets confused when video recording is ended by leaving camera in background
  • Image not taken using selftimer with headset connected and music player active


  • Changed Daylight Saying hours for New Zealand


  • Bluetooth phone book download via FTP, unnecessary ‘QUOTED
  • PRINTABLE’ in the vCard
  • Download
  • Arabic: There is no item highlighted when you enter some folders in Download Application.


  • DRM Images cause “Phone startup failed. Contact the retailer.”


  • Browser was closed when incoming call interrupts the flash animation with sounds.
  • The flash cannot return to the previous view by prompt: “Unable to find file ‘xxxx’ “
  • Crash detected when trying to connect network
  • Close after exiting www.5fad.com from Browser


  • Changing sound for video does not work when ID3 meta information is included in MP3 file
  • Gallery hangs up after pressing end key when zooming big image.
  • Scrolling in tile view is slow with big cache sizes
  • The main view of Gallery is messed after setting wallpaper.
  • Tile view not correctly updated, when opening Gallery after capturing new images
  • Softkey labels are flashing during video playback after charger is plugged in
  • Tile view title empty after upnp video playback
  • GIF animation during a slideshow jams
  • Realplayer video cannot resume after phone call
  • Volume indicator is not displayed on startup of the slideshow when the Zoom and pan setting is off.
  • Ken burns slide show crashes phone if VoIP call is active in background
  • Thumbnail in Last captured entry is not updated after capturing image and then formatting E disc.
  • Pressing navi selection key (volume keys) when slideshow with music paused does not display softkeys
  • Rotate image in Print basket doesn’t work
  • Copy items with same name from MMC/Mass storage to phone memory gets thumbnails messed up
  • Can Not Copy, Cut, Or Paste Desired Text in Online Album
  • The downloaded video episodes can NOT be displayed completely in ‘Media Gallery’


  • Urdu: Standby mode, there are truncations in the popup text box when highlight some shortcut icons.
  • Chinese PRC: The translation of the words ‘SIM message centre’ is wrong.
  • Arabic, Urdu, Farsi: The battery indicator overlaps in Camera image mode and Video mode.
  • German: noun “Listen”[lists] must be written with capital letters
  • Taiwan Chinese: Wrong translation of the Help title: Service for your device
  • Chinese: A question mark is placed in the beginning of the row.
  • Arabic: Wrong translation for the options of the search menu
  • Arabic: The word ‘Try’ has been translated by the daily spoken language and Grammar mistake in the Photos search
  • Indonesian: Landmarks translated inconsistently.
  • English: Unnecessary truncation in Games tile
  • Arabic: Grammar mistake of ‘No images or videos’ in Videos.
  • Norwegian: Podcasting is incorrectly localized
  • Thai: NGage: All the ‘games’ spell incorrectly in the illustration.
  • Danish: Suggestion to change the Danish word “Intet / ingen” in settings view
  • Icelandic: Music Player Wrong / Missing punctuation in Audio settings
  • Serbian: Camera Label right of the slider in a wrong gender form
  • Czech: Music player Word “Podcast” is not translated properly in “Music player” application
  • All languages: The note ‘Saved to Gallery’ is displayed instead of ‘Saved’ after saving a midi file from embedded Now Playing view.
  • Arabic: Song names in a play list in Arabic language are not aligned to any direction
  • Indonesian: Maps: the word ‘found’ has a wrong spelling in Indonesian.
  • Icelandic: Home Media: List of available external devices isn’t shown.
  • Thai: Workdays incorrect in Thai language pack
  • APAC English: GPS data: The main titles are inconsistent.
  • Arabic: The Music Soft Key is not Localised right
  • Arabic: grammatical error in active idle view of the calendar
  • Pilipino: Two different translations for Profiles visible to the user
  • Urdu: Switch: The text in ‘Switch’ is not Urdu.
  • Arabic: Gizmo English and Arabic text layout problem in the “About Gizmo”
  • All Languages: GIZMO Unlocalised GIZMO Dislaimer content
  • Portuguese: Gizmo Wrong form used for On and Off suboptions under Settings > Allow GPRS, Autoaccept invitations, Publish call status and Roaming notice
  • Ukrainian: Gizmo Incorrect translation of the query “This application can use WLAN and GPRS. Allow GPRS usage?”
  • Icelandic: Gizmo Too informal spelling in ICE Gizmo “Connecting, please wait”
  • Tagalog: Gizmo Unlocalised “ON” and “OFF”
  • Italian: Gizmo Wrong translation of “Go Offline”
  • Urdu: Gizmo Spelling mistake in the translation of string “Unable to initiate call”
  • French: Gizmo Unclear translation of “Activate call divert”
  • Swedish: Gizmo Wrong translation of ‘IM’ in Options menu
  • Croatian: Gizmo Option “Contacts” appears in singular
  • Hungarian: Gizmo Hungarian spelling mistake in the pop up note
  • Portuguese: Gizmo Wrong translation of Renew invitation to %U?
  • Portuguese: Gizmo – Wrong translation in Disclaimer
  • Slovak: Gizmo Wrong translation of ‘Open network’

Location Services:

  • Sending landmark over Bluetooth after show on map operation reboots phone or crashes Nokia Maps application
  • Maps closes when changing map view categories in Russian language
  • Maps access point is automatically selected in first Maps startup
  • Satellite info bars are hardly visible in NSeries Theme


  • Saving a contact with English numbers in the call register, it is displayed in Arabic rather in English


  • Close while defining a mailbox without access point.
  • Tofield displays incorrectly when sending message to a group with two contacts.
  • SmartMessage: Phone keeps receiving the same smart message after sending a Textual coding business card.

Mobile Search:

  • No note pops up to inform the message has been deleted it after deleting SMS.
  • Mobile Search prompts user for available updates, although there are none.
  • Images shown in mobile search have wrong time stamp.

Multimedia Menu:

  • Gallery tile: Selecting slideshow entry closes the Gallery, after images have been deleted
  • Gallery tile: Thumbnail is not updated correctly when last captured item is highlighted
  • Latest video is not focused when gallery is opened from Gallery tile

Music Player:

  • Changing audio settings and activating visualization cause that volume can not be controlled in background.
  • Music volume change when adjusting key click tones
  • Music player volume level is wrong after playing warning tone
  • Nonflat frequency response of music player with EN flag ON
  • Music Shop does not react to media keys when streaming music.
  • Song can be played during MTP connection.
  • Incorrect view is displayed in ‘All Songs’ view after changing USB mode.
  • System error occurs when deleting a song synced from WMP11 to phone.
  • System error happens after pressing Clear key in embedded playlist view.
  • Icon displayed of song without license is incorrect.
  • The deleted podcast directory is still displayed in Restricted View.
  • Certain MP3 files metadata leads to eternal looping on music refresh
  • The currently active preset equalizer setting is changed after resetting values in Preset editing view.
  • Hard key behaviours are wrong when the query ‘Activation key will expire in 4 days. Get new activation key now?’ displays.
  • Find function behaving abnormally in Music Library

Operator and Third Party Application Compatibility

  • Vivo: Fails to send SMS messages through VIVO SIM Toolkit (SIM Card profile 07)
  • Vivo: Phone resets while trying to send a SMS from SIM Toolkit Profile 07.
  • TMobile: Some Cookie functions are not supported or not fully implemented.
  • TMobile DE : Very slow to browse content folders with DRM protected content
  • CU: Reset happens when phone conference is on hold with CU_GSM SIM Card
  • Telefonica: SAT File change notification fails
  • Smartone: Phone keep to show buffering for more than 1 minute and then automatic restart to play the streaming file again
  • Movistar Argentina : Contact names with accents and more than 11 characters cannot be copied to SIM directory
  • Orange : Answer Phone Messages Both Line with CPHS
  • Vodafone: When doing a DRM right udgrade, the new RO not added in the ODF
  • Vodafone D2: BTT 6.1200.200 ESMP EVENT ONLOAD
  • SFR: The displaying of GIF animation with an infinite frequency is not correctly managed
  • Vodafone Greece : PDP connection management issue
  • Vodafone Romania : Seeker applet doesn’t work
  • Vodafone: The untrusted warning does not contain: ‘Applicazione Generica’
  • USSD/SS Problem in Handset on call control event
  • TomTom voice prompt still audible after it has been stopped
  • Problem with third party application Total Recall between 3.1 and 3.2 platform


  • Cannot select ringing tone when having too many songs stored on memory card

Push to Talk:

  • PTT call does not work with BH900


  • Backlight goes to 4% light forever in case keypad locked with animated screensaver and screensaver lights on
  • Backlight 4% when automatically receiving Emails in keyguard


  • SEND USSD 7bit data, successful, null length alpha identifier


  • Cancelling diverts does not work
  • Voice call starting with * or # cannot be made
  • Enhancements to lipsynch for video call


  • EAP settings. Username and password are difficult to read with NSeries Theme


  • More that 20 improvements in UpnP Performance, usability, registration and compatibility.


  • Welcome video causes UI problems when receiving incoming call
  • H264 video file is recognized as an audio file when played from File Manager


  • Voice mail indicator disappears in reboot


  • More that 15 improvements in SIP registration, WLAN recovery and overall VOIP stability.


  • Incorrect WLAN “coverage” value for hidden WLAN
  • Trying to connect to a WLAN AP doesn’t work with Safecom router.
  • A wait note for access point testing is not shown when configuring WPA/PSK
  • Needless WLAN scanning when opening and closing internet connection

Source: Symbian-Freak