Facebook & Twitter: Social Media Integrtion on the Nokia C5

7. July 2010 at 08:54


Social Media  platforms are growing immense and especially Facebook and Twitter have become essential in our daily internet-usage. However, since all smartphones are internet ready and data-plans are going more and more down, social media  found its space in modern smartphones. Let’s take a look how Nokia did managed the integration of social media services on the Nokia C5.


A Facebook client comes preinstalled on the Nokia C5. However, very fast one comes to the conclusion that this client is not very useless and does not make much fun using it. While you have a home, profile, friend and inbox-screen, you cannot comment on your friends updates or like it. Commenting on updates is basically what Facebook is all about and this app does not allow it, come on Nokia! Another thing we found to be rather annoying is that loading is very slow and there is a loading bar in the middle of the screen almost the whole time.

Of course there are things we liked about the Facebook integration. After you logged in the first time the application asks you if you want to connect your facebook friends with your friends that are already in your phonebook. Once the application found a match, you can see the latest update of your friend as well as their profile picture in the phonebook. In case you gave your friend a nickname, the application will not find a match and hence not connect the contact. Therefore you can select the contact in the phonebook, choose Facebook and then manually assign the contact. What we missed, however, is that the application does not syncs the birthday or other important information.


Surprisingly, we couldn’t find a preinstalled twitter application and even no shortcut to the mobile version of Twitter on the C5. Twitter addicts have to use either the mobile web page or download a twitter application from the Ovi Store. The most popular and by far the best application is Gravity.


Is the Nokia C5 a device for social media addicts? Definitely no!  The preinstalled facebook application is slow and does not even offer basic features like commenting. Twitter seems for Nokia either not important or they think that users bnuying the C5 do not use Twitter. It was a good step giving the user the choice to synchronise your phone contacts with your facebook friends but the implementation was not deep enough.