ShakeSMS, ShakeMe and LoudUp?

31. January 2008 at 14:28

This is a race or a war if you want between two great developers, one of them is Tong Ren, which has come up with Flip Silent, and now we see ShakeSMS, who seems like quite a good concept, because I rather do a simple movement with my hand to check SMS rather then actually unlocking or sliding the phone up.

On Samir’s side we have seen RotateMe, Nokmote, Shutup (a bit late with reduced functionality compared to FlipSilent), and now we wonder what LoudMe and ShakeMe is.

According to p@sco from, LoudMe will allow you to answer a call in loudspeaker mode, which can be useful if you are in a car, like Bery from Symbian Web Blog said, or if you just want to show off with your friends!

Now about ShakeMe we are a bit sceptical, as it could be the same function that Sony Ericsson phones have on the music section, such as the W910i Shake, which shakes and shuffles all songs, or changes tracks when you do a determined movement. It could also be an SMS viewing application, exactly like ShakeSMS, or it could even be to answer calls, there is unlimited possiblities.

Source: PhoneReport