ShakeLock: Shake phone to un/lock it!

2. February 2008 at 13:07

There is no end to imagination or to the possibilities of N95’s accelerometer. A first-time Symbian programmer, Manu Krishnan has developed a simple application that interacts with the Accelerometer API and the lock and unlock commands of the Symbian smartphones that have accelerometers. This application is another addition to the vast list of which people like Samir, Damien and Tong Ren have contributted. It is really simple to operate this program, where up and down shakes equal to lock and right and left equal to unlock the phone’s keypad. The application is in progress and therefore it’s not released to the public, however Teo from Symbian-Freak is a friend of Manu, so he might do the favour to some people.

Source: Symbian-Freak