Meraj’s (must have) N95 applications – Part 2

4. February 2008 at 20:07


This is the continuation of a long application review that I started few days ago.

In this edition I will talk about:

  • Opera Mini
  • Lightsabre
  • Inclinometer
  • Unyverse
  • Nokia Energy Profiler

Opera Mini review

I’ve been using it since my first colour phone, and I must say that between my friends, this is the second most famous application, first one is Mxit.


The first versions were nothing but a simple web browser that allowed us to browse actual web but with cheap costs thanks to Opera’s proxy servers. It still uses the same basic concept, but the whole interface and features are improved and added to the program.

I used it extensively in my 6600 to check my Hotmail and Gmail, but now I use it only when I’m really low on money, because Opera really reduces the amount of data downloaded and you can choose to not load pictures and animations.


Opera has become like the S60 browser, full web interface, mini-map, and even flash in some cases.

Other features that are included in the browser but I don’t use are RSS Feeds and Synchronising with the computer. The browser also keeps all your history and bookmarks, and the User Interface is pretty simple. Thanks to the JAVA used, Opera can also be downloaded onto simple phones, making them powerful web devices.


From developer’s website:

Opera Mini 4 enables you to take your full web experience and digital lifestyle with you — everywhere you go. Whether you want to access your mail, RSS feeds or bank information, Opera Mini is a quick and secure way to get your data on the go. Opera Mini 4 also delivers several new features for quicker scrolling, navigation and page rendering.


Download Opera Mini








Lightsaber review


This is possibly the most useless program every coded, but the most fun at the same time!

Lightsaber was one of the first applications to be developed after Nokia released their Accelerometer API, and soon started to get fun updates like different sounds, sensitivity, volume, etc.


Currently it is in v1.5, and the following settings are available:

  • Volume

  • Sensitivity

  • Vibration

  • Hit detection

  • Sabre colour

Download Lightsaber





Inclinometer review

Another application by the famous Dr Jukka. What the application obviously does is show the incline status of the phone, you can use it as a car lever, although I think it would be difficult to keep it perpendicular to the car’s base.

Developer’s say:

just install it, put your N95 in your cars dashboard and you are ready for an off road experience.. Note that this is only for Nokia N95, and only available at the MOSH.

Download Iclinometer

Unyverse review


I really don’t know what Unyverse (for login) is and I haven’t made the effort to find out, all I know is that this application is very useful when searching Wikipedia.


The reason it’s so useful is that it really keeps the original Wikipedia division of articles and let’s you work from there. The navigation is very simple and you can even see the directions allowed in the status bar.


Developer’s say:

From public sources of news or reference content like Wikipedia to your indispensable personal or company data, Unyverse makes it easy to exchange and share information between your mobile phone and your web account.


Download Unyverse





Nokia Energy Profiler review

I hate to say it but although it does its job properly, it’s one my most unused and useless applications. What it really does tell you is how much wattage and voltage your phone is consuming. The differences are a real eye opener, you can easily see how many watts you spend with certain applications running, with different brightness levels and even when you press keys!

You can gather and export statistics or even show them on neat graphs.

Developer’s say:

Nokia Energy Profiler is a stand-alone test and measurement application for Nokia S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 devices (and onwards). The application allows developers to test and monitor their application’s energy usage in real time in the target device.

Download Nokia Energy Profiler

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