Possibilities to upgrade your Nokia N8 Symbian^3 to Symbian^4 (Updated)

10. July 2010 at 15:28

Symbian^4The most asked question lately was about the capability of the Nokia N8  to upgrade itself to future Symbian^4. Much likely from S^3, which is the current OS for the N8, to future Symbian platforms. But it is really a must to upgrade to S^4? Can the Nokia N8 update to Symbian^4? [UPDATED]

I think it’s not yet confirmed whether the current N8 and other future Symbian^3 devices can update their self to Symbian^4. We can say that N8’s hardware has somewhat have a few points to support future OS, but basing on the  recommended requirements for Symbian OS, it is much clearly showed that ARM Cortex A8 & 128MB of DRAM were the least requirement for high tier devices, and N8 only have an ARM 11 at 680MHz but it has dedicated graphics processing unit and a 256MB RAM. Needless to say, Nokia N8’s upgradeable issue is confusing. All we should do now is wait for someone who could clear these things.

Recommended Hardware Requirements for Symbian

So going back to main discussion. For the N8, I would really like to have a much stable OS where the company can focus on bringing a lesser flaws OS and a wide range of high quality apps. Rich UI experience on the Symbian^3 have improved from what we saw on Nokia N97 and N97 Mini. We see how do S^3 looks like and it’s true that  Symbian^3 UI was just a refreshed version of Symbian^1 for some. But…yes it’s a but, because Symbian^3 is a new whole platform that they developed and in future will support wide range of devices.

In desperate approach to know on what really N8 and Symbian^3 is, we should wait for the final N8 before taking some conclusions. But still I’m the same with many who hopes for Symbian^4 in N8 sometime in future. And who knows what Open Source might bring us.

And which of you guys preferred? A stable OS or an upgradeable to S^4?

Thanks to Mark Wilcox (http://developer.symbian.org) clarifying things on the Nokia N8 upgrade to Symbian^4. His comment can be found below in the comment section or refer to this.

Please note that the table in this article comes from a page marked as “stub” on the Symbian Foundation wiki. Those hardware requirements are just plain wrong!

As for S^3 upgradeability to S^4, it depends on the capability of the hardware to run the new version of the platform and the willingness of the OEM to do the significant amount of work need to port the software.

This is easy for Apple with very few device models. Android is a bit of a mixed bag but you usually get some updates for a device.

Nokia smartphones are often cheaper than the competition because they use the minimum hardware required for a decent experience with the platform – that often means the hardware isn’t capable of running the next version!

The N8 ought to be capable of running S^4, the processor is a little underpowered but it has graphics acceleration and a good amount of RAM. I have no idea whether Nokia will offer an upgrade or not though.