Reasons why to upgrate the N800 to an N810

8. February 2008 at 16:51

The N810 is available for a couple of months yet. However, a lot user may ask why they should ugrade their N800 to an N810. As an N800 and N810 user I have good experiences with both devices. Here are some reasons which may convince you buying an N810.

The built in GPS receiver allows you to navigate easy and correct through the streets. There are several navigation solution running on the N810 and supporting the built in GPS.

Hardware keybord:

A big and convenient hardware QWERTY keybord has been added to the N810. Thus you can write, after you used to the keyboard, really fast emails or other messages. More over you don’t have to use the virtual keyboard and the stylus.

Metallic finish:
Compared to the old Internet Tablet, the N810 has a great metallic finish and built quality. The built quality is great and the whole device looks really nobly and stylish.

Internal memory:
The N810 is offering you 251MB and 1.91GB which is together pretty nice. Furthermore, you can insert miniSD cards. So you even upgrade your 2GB internal memory to 3 or even more GB.