I’m going to attend Mobile World Congress

10. February 2008 at 17:02

I’m not sure if you are aware but Mobile World Congress will be taking place on the 11th – 14th of February in Barcelona. All big and important brands like Nokia, S60 Sony Ericsson and many more will show their latest and upcoming devices and services there. Due to WOM World I have the opportunity to attend the Mobile World Congress and to bring you the latest news, pictures and videos. Starting on 11th, I’ll try to provide you with exclusive topics nobody else will blog about. Therefore stay tune!

To provide you with news and other stuff I need some gadgets. Here I’ll show you what’s in my gadget bag:

To keep you up to date I’m taking my new Laptop to Barcelona to blog straight from my hotel room. More over I’ll save all taken pictures and videos on it and upload it tothe internet.

An all in one device. Perfect to stay in touch with friends at home, take picture and videos, navigate through Barcelona and do plenty other things, and all this in a neat form factor.

DT-22 Tripot:
To take some videos and pictures with the N95 and my Kodak I put a camera stand and the DT-22 adapter into my gadget bag.

Kodak Z740:
Because my Kodak has more memory and is taking pictures faster and better than the N95, I’ll use the Kodak mainly during the event.

In the case, that my Laptop isn’t working, I’m gonna use the N95 connected to my SU-8W to blog straight from my N95.