Symbian^4 UI screenshots – What do you think?

17. July 2010 at 17:41

Symbian^4 Home ScreenSymbian’s Wiki was seen with the latest Symbian^4 (S^4) UI screenshots (just a guess, but possibly they are) and these were the “pre-alpha” of the homescreens. “Pre-alpha”, because we are not sure whether these are the final of just the samples that’ve been made for the developers and running on the PC’s emulator (Orbit for UI platform development). Nevertheless, these new UI on S^4 have been improved from the first batch of Symbian^4 UI demo (imho). So here’s the pictures of Symbian^4 UI (Although these were been removed from the official symbian wiki)

S^4 multiple homescreens like on Symbian^3 of Nokia N8, and widgets support like on Symbian^1 (S60 5th edition) on N97 and N97 Mini:

S^4 Homescreen UISymbian^4 Home Screen

Customizations in the S^4 homescreens:

Symbian^4 HomescreenSymbian^4 homescreen customization

Another homescreen customize with wallpapers for Symbian^4:

Symbian^4 Homescreen Multitask

The Application viewer or much likely a file explorer where you can search or view installed apps:

Symbian^4 File explorerSymbian^4 T9

Symbian didn’t stated that these are final UI homescreen for Symbian^4 and for sure there will lots to add & change on the UI (like there were some confusing words like Orbit, so again, we aren’t sure). Comparing these to the S^1 would clarify that S^4 UI really did change and Symbian Foundation is working hard.

On the other hand, Symbian”s Mark Wilcox said that Nokia N8 has the potential to upgrade or update its OS, Symbian^3, to Symbian^4. But the final answers still lies on Nokia hands about these.

And on the end, for you fans and users, does Symbian really has some good foundation on S^4 referring on these shots?