Symbian DevCo‏ joins The Symbian Foundation

20. July 2010 at 12:56

The Symbian Foundation announced that a new member joined the Foundation – The Symbian Developer Cooperative (Symbian DevCo). The Symbian Developer Cooperative (Symbian DevCo) is a non-profit, independent organisation founded to raise the profile of individuals within the Symbian community and give them a full voice in the governance of the Symbian platform. Moreover, the Symbian Foundation was pleased to announce an open source collaboration with Nitobi. This collaboration should help simplify mobile application development. By integrating Symbian’s web application creation tools and Nitobi’s PhoneGap ‘write once, run anywhere’ platform, mobile developers can easily make app store ready applications for all major mobile platforms.
Nitobi has also contributed PhoneGap to Symbian, which is included in the in the Symbian^3 platform web extensions package. With both of these developments in place, any web developer who knows HTML, CSS and JavaScript can now write a mobile application once and deploy it across multiple operating systems and devices. In addition, developers can access native device capabilities such as telephony, contacts, camera, accelerometers, orientation and location that can be modified or enhanced to improve the end user experience and device functionality.