25 Billion mobile app downloads by 2015 – How many from Ovi Store?

20. July 2010 at 15:27

ovistoreThe people from Juniper Research is looking forward for a 25 billion downloads of mobile applications from the manufacturers’ respective app stores. With the Apple’s App store for being the first successful pilot of mobile app store, it’s quite amusing how others focused and change their direction just to follow the success. Although it’s gonna be a long and tough journey for Nokia’s Ovi Store, Google’s Android market, and other brands to overtake the said company, but taking the 25 billions is of course the work of all.

In my honest opinion, today, Ovi Store really needs to shape up and geared with more quality apps that users could enjoy.  Having said that, they should also enhance the user’s experience through their devices. Plus Nokia should also offer and made all applications to all regions available.That’s also why it’s really a bad experience navigating and looking quality apps in Ovi Store because they neglect many countries, thus, they offer lame, and few good apps.