Nokia Kinetic is Real — Almost

24. July 2010 at 15:42

Cars always get concept design and perhaps most of them are just ain’t to give pleasure for our eyes. In fact, most of the concept cars are always running—quite of.  But how about on a concept mobile device?… so let’s check it!

Nokia Kinetic

The Jeremy Innes-Hopkins’ Nokia Kinetic concept looks like have been made into  real one! Awesome, right? You’ll see that the bottom of the device is the most attractive yet cumbersome  to hold ‘coz of the thickness. But isn’t that perfect with a special reasons at all? The Kinetic will actually uses electromagnet and give more comfy feelings when using the phone during landscape mode like on the camera grip.The front has also a touch screen function and call keys and menu, like a typical sexy touch screen phone at the front. But the only thing is that the phone can’t be turned on nor it has any hardware peripherals inside.

So I guess we are just lucky enough to see that all. Either way, we should be thankful for Jeremy for teasing us though. So what could you say about this concept?

via Engadget