Nokia N96 release date

18. February 2008 at 00:03

My friend Devin Ballentina has posted what he thinks is the release date for the Nokia N96 smartphone. He believes that the date marketed over Mobile City, 7th May, is the realistic one. The truth is that Nokia doesn’t have to hide it anymore, as the product is official. Unfortunately there is no official price tag or network deals on it, or even leaks on networks for that matter. The price on the website seems to be a bit higher than the one given to the Nokia N95 on it’s release, currently it’s set to $799, and that’s with a $100 discount.

The only price we have from Nokia is without taxes or subsidies, which is $550, relatively cheap compared to the one at Mobile City, but this price is only set for a release in Q3, which is quite late if Nokia wants to throw out the competition.

Original article: Nokia N96 Blog

Source: The Nokia Guide