ShakeMe: Lock/Unlock your phone by shaking

18. February 2008 at 17:00


My buddy over at Dailymobile has brought us new information in terms of ShakeMe. Actually, it’s a clone of ShakeLock. Using ShakeMe you can lock or unlock your N95 (8GB) or N82 by shaking. Here you can find a demo video. To download ShakeLock you have to donate some money over here.

Features: (Alpha 1)

* Key Lock: Lock/Unlock your keypad by shaking your phone.
* Bluetooth: Activate/deactivate bluetooth state by shaking your phone.
* Silent: Activate/deactivate silent profile by shaking your phone.
* Backlight: Switch the backlight on by shaking your phone.

* Reactivity: The higher this setting is, the longer you have to shake your phone.
* Sensitivity: The higher this setting is, the stronger you have to shake your phone.
* Play tone: Play a tone when a shake movement is detected.

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Source: Dailymobile

Although shaking your phone to lock it is a good idea mobile phones like the htc desire tend to unlock by themselves which isn’t ideal.