Summary: Mobile World Congress and S60 Party 2008

18. February 2008 at 17:42


This year’s Mobile World Congress is over, everybody is at home and looks forward to the Mobile World Congress in the next year. Thanks to WOM World I had the opportunity to attend the congress, meet a bunch of people and rock the S60 Party. For all those, who couldn’t attend, I want to recap these few days of my point of view. Anyway, pictures of the whole event you can find here.


Well, the invited bloggers, the killer WOM World team and some guys of the Nseries team were stored in the pretty nice Le Merdien hotel, about 40min from the congress. The five star hotel was just a few meters away from the beach and had also its own spa and gym. Unfortunately we hadn’t enough time to enjoy these opportunities. Talking with the boys and Donna while eating, on the drive to MWC, on MWC or at the S60 party was really fun.

Here you can see my huge and beautiful room, number 165.


The Mobile World Congress itself was huge with 8 more or less interesting halls. It took place at the Fira de Barcelona with a great view at some structures. After getting our badgets we went to hall 8 were Nokia had their huge and nice booth. There we packed out our laptops and watched the keynote speech on the webcast. As you maybe know Nokia announced the N96, the N78, the 6220 Cassic, 6210 Navigator, Maps 2.0 and Ovi Share. We had the opportunity to talk with the Product Mangers of the N96, N78, Ovi Share, Maps 2.0 and N-Gage which was pretty interesting. We could ask our questions and the kind Product Managers answered our question once after the other. Before the event I didn’t looked forward to Ovi but after the Q&A the Product Manager convinced me. WOM World recorded all Q&A which you can watch here.

Despite of all the Nokia stuff, I could also see manufactures like Sony Ericsson, Motorola or LG kicked off their Symbian and non Symbian devices. However, most the time I spent on the Nokia booth playing, blogging or photographing the latest devices. During the congress I was never hungry or thirsty because Nokia had a great ‘’buffet’’ with Coffee, Coca Cola, Fanta, Chinese foot and much more. Thumbs up!


On Tuesday, right after the second visit of the MWC, we went with shuttle buses to Restaurant Miramar where the S60 Party took place. Besides the great foot, great drinks and nice welcome gifts you had also a beautiful view over Barcelona and a great meet and greet with a lot bloggers like Darla and Rafe, Nokia and S60 heads like Phil and Saara and other nifty people. More over, you didn’t had to buy some gifts for friends or family because you get so many gifts from Nokia, Symbian, S60 and all other manufactures attending the MWC that you could use these to give them to your friends or family. Here is a pictures of some gifts. As you can see we were given USB-Sticks, badgets, note books, bags, pens and many more nifty gifts.


At 24:00 o’clock right after the S60 Party I knew that these are the last hours before my depart. On the bus drive back to the hotel, some of the guys had to go to the toilet. After Matthew, who speaks Spanish really well, talked with the bus driver to make a quick stop, 5 of us, including me, run out of the bus to do ”our job”. Amir had use the ”beautiful view” of us to take a picture which you can see above. In the hotel we started to say good bye to each other because everybody was leaving the hotel at various times. After packing my bags at 4 o’clock and reading some RSS feeds I went to sleep to be strong enough for the flight. 3 hours later I woke up, went down to breakfast, talked the last time with Mark Guim and took the taxi to the airport. Unfortunately I went to the airport alone and didn’t meet any other blogger at the airport. Anyway, here ends my ”story”. I hope you get good overview about these days. Once again, thank you WOM World for the invitation and see you hopeful soon.

Good bye,
Norman John