Voice of S60: Ganesh Sivaraman, Widgets and web run-times

22. February 2008 at 13:10


In Saara’s first Voice of S60 podcast she is talking with Ganesh Sivaraman about Wigdets and web run-times. At the S60 party I had the great opportunity to talk with Ganesh and he is really a cool guy.

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”Ganesh Sivaraman heads the global marketing of Web Technologies & Applications for S60 and has been instrumental in creating the excitement & awareness of the highly-acclaimed Web Browser for S60. Prior to joining S60 marketing team, Mr. Sivaraman was in charge of product management of S60 Rich Call and had the global responsibility for product creation, management and strategic direction. Mr. Sivaraman also represented Nokia as the lead delegate in mobile standardization bodies, such as SyncML and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), as co-chairman in SyncML and vice-chairman in OMA Data Synchronization groups. Mr. Sivaraman has been with Nokia since 2000 and has a master’s in science degree in Electronics.”

Source: S60