Nokia EVP Niklas Savander Q&A Recap – Yes to Qt and No to Android

6. August 2010 at 16:15

niklas savander
Yesterday, Nokia’s EVP Niklas Savander ( @niklasatnokia)  put his self on his own hot seat by letting all fans and haters to be heard and to be answered. During the session there were mixed emotions relating to Nokia N8 to Symbian^3 and Android callings. So let’s check on the actions that happened.

Here’s the recap of @niklasatnokia Q&A portion held yesterday.

Hottest tweets:

@markguim I wish Nokia’s time between product announcement and actual launch was much shorter

@NiklasatNokia I agree a long delta between launch and shipment is not helping anyone

@ozozdil Mr. Niklas this question is very important, when is the exact release date for Nokia N8? I have been waiting for 2 months..

@NiklasatNokia there is no change of what we have been saying – end of Q3

@twittison When exactly you will bring 1st MeeGo? Plz answer.

@NiklasatNokia a major product milestone by the end of the year.

Topic: Nokia on North America

@palmsolo Nokia used to be known in US as freebie network phones. How do you change this perception without broad carrier support?

@NiklasatNokia one step at a time – 1st steps visible Nuron at @TmobileUSA w turn-by-turn nav, operator billing w store and more!

@FErNE3 Tmobile Verizon At&t all have Nokia phones will we ever see you guys team up with Sprint?

@NiklasatNokia We have no plans at this time

@karimyaghmour: NA market is very different beast from ROW. How does Nokia plan to get in a leadership position? Where does Meego fit?

@NiklasatNokia lots of NA questions we will address in a bit

Topic: Symbian

@chayanin What’s plan with the existing S60 users? We feel like a minority in smartphone world now

@NiklasatNokia as an S60 user – you are in fact in the biggest smartphone user group with 41% share

@Sleipne Do you plan to communicate on #symbian brand name like Google do it with #Android ? Customers don’t know about it :(

@NiklasatNokia Hey @symbian – do you want to take this question?

Topic: Developers

@netcrack2k a fast and reliable OS that I can develop for! Symbian is slow (at the latest after 1y of usage) and developer-hostile!

@NiklasatNokia Qt will give you the tools to develop and allow u to address both symbian and meego devices

@janole To attract more developers, could the OviStore waive all own revenues (-fees) for some period of time? Unrealistic?

@NiklasatNokia 1.7M downloads a day in Ovi Store (75% apps) we are creating better dialogue w devs & operators to address this

Topic: Social Media

Will Nokia continue to engage with social media, both as a company and on its devices? (Yes)

@janole: I really hope @NiklasatNokia will continue to tweet after today’s Q&A session….

@NiklasatNokia Yes – I intend to continue this conversation – but I will challenge my colleagues to do this as well

@markguim impressed that @niklasatnokia is selecting to answer the hard questions

@stuartdredge hey Niklas, hope you’re enjoying Twitter! What do you think of social location apps: check-ins, Foursquare etc?

@NiklasatNokia future of mobile Internet is location driven – we r in mile 1 of marathon & in front of the pack #navteq

Niklas answered one of the question about Android on their future devices that there will be NO Android for Nokia. The rest of the tweets will be found on the Nokia blog.