Will Sony Ericsson and Samsung consider Symbian OS again?

7. August 2010 at 13:26

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Symbian^3 Symbian^4

Is Android the answer to all?
Samsung and Sony Ericsson are one the biggest mobile companies in the world and having Symbian platform on their devices like Samsung i8910 Omnia HD and i8510 Innov8, SE Satio and Vivaz were also a great push to their smartphone section. But what we didn’t expect was the slowdown of the development of new Symbian OS especially on the UI which gives opportunity for Apple iOS and Google Android to take many steps forward against its competitors. This was also the cause of how Nokia’s smartphone section toppled from the peak of its market momentum. But another sad part were especially when Samsung  & Sony Ericsson embraced Android OS to help them answer their struggling smartphone section.

symbian logo

Nokia N8 plus S^3 is equal to success—possible.
As we’ve seen today, the upcoming Symbian^3 is heading these coming months and Nokia is confident that their Nokia N8 will again change the direction of their ship towards success. They’re putting all compelling features, and of course, they are promising a smartphone device that would deliver great solutions by offering it to the mass. What could be the essence of this is that it will somehow wake up SE and Samsung and make them realize that Symbian platform is still the game changer.

Yet, if Symbian^3 is too late for SE and Samsung, and if ever Symbian^3 and Nokia N8 will be a big success, then Symbian^4 is always possible for them to consider. While Samsung and SE are hangvi their Android remedy, the thing is Symbian is still a great threat to all. What do you think?