Nokia N82 vs. Kodak Z740: Macro-mode

8. March 2008 at 15:24

At the Mobile World Congress I get the oppurtunity to play with the Nokia N82 during the stay in Barcelona. As you maybe know, I’ve been playing with the N82 before and I absolutely liked it. Playing with the N82 during the stay, I discovered the benefits of this awesome device once again. One of its advantages is the pretty good camera. Sitting in a small Spanish restaurant I’ve taken some pictures using the macro mode. However, I’ve also photographed the same motive with my Kodak. Both, the N82 and the Z740 have a 5 megapixel camera which takes great picutres. But which one takes better macro pictures?

Left: Nokia N82 right: Kodak Z740 (click to enlarge)






Both, the N82 and the Kodak are taking sharp macro pictures in which you can see a lot details. Nevertheless I can choose only one winner. If you look at the pictures, especially the first and the third, you can see that the Kodak captures more details. However, the N82 is one of the best camera phones I’ve ever seen.Due to its Xenon-light it can replace my Kodak camera because I’m not a power-camera-user.

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