Nokia N95: The power of the 5megapixel camera

9. March 2008 at 20:16

The camera of the N95 is far from dead. This is shown every few months on James Burland’s website, Nokia Creative, but let me share some of my little captures that the magnificent 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens equipped N95 let me take.
You will see pictures in the night, with extreme light, during dawn or sunrise, during daylight, in different angles, with water, in sunset, and big landscapes. Obviously I’m not a big photographer, but you can get a perspective of what wonders an average Joe can achieve with a camera always in his pocket. I resized all pictures so that they fit to my bandwidth limit, but you can clearly see how powerful the Nokia N95 is. The only thing missing here for me is the capture timing, I can’t ever capture still waves, and I hope this feature is added in next phones.

Nokia’s upcoming flagship phone, the Nokia N96 won’t have as many picture features as it will be focused on video recording.

First three pictures are captured in a club, where there is a swimming pool, a lot of lights, and reflex, you can also see the contrast of people, and how the lights affect the camera:

If you are wondering, these pictures were taken at H20 in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Paul van Dyk played his best tunes for 3 hours.

And now a simple picture that I took while the sun was rising and the clouds were expressing their colours:

The colours could have been brighter on the some clouds on the right of the image, but it seems that the main area is the center. The resolution of the camera gave the image possibility to mix diverse colours so that the clouds could have a strong texture.

Two different pictures that show you the focus on grass, sand, and even texture of the water, in the same scenario with a Jeep, which is the main object in the picture:

This is a good example of how a better lens could have given more detail to the picture, or perhaps more megapixels could have solved the problem. This is a huge steep mountain, quite a dangerous place, and the picture simply cannot tell the extent of the place, atleast that’s what I think, but you can always drop your views.

The next set describes calmness, and the image detail that I like to look at is the sand and water:

Quite a strange situation, where for me, the camera ignored everything and simply focused on the sun, it looks awesome, but again, I remember that in reality wasn’t like that. The N95 truly knows how to enhance pictures, which is great!

The last set. I don’t know if it needs more resolution or just a better lens, but here I think the N95 missed out the sense of texture and size:

Don’t forget to post your views on each and every photo on the comments’ field!