Bye Bye Ovi Files

2. September 2010 at 12:59

ovi filesAs I was checking my emails today and I was little bit stupefied after checking out the Ovi notification service. All I can say was it’s real! Real that there will be no more Ovi Files starting October 1. Nokia will be discontinuing their wireless syncing and access service for your PC files. As they noted you can uninstall the application in your PC without losing any files.

Ovi also stated that you can use the Ovi Suite to the file sharing features between your phone and pc but it’s not that will be the same as to Ovi Files. With your Ovi Suite you could sync your contacts and messages; transfer videos, photos, and music; back up your Nokia and update your device software but not wirelessly.

Well, that’s life and things don’t last. Maybe isn’t just time for Nokia to put to offer a free great service like this and it could be also because people aren’t ready to embrace the service. Anyway, Ovi will surely bring a great services solutions for Nokia users.