Why is Samsung leaving Symbian at the moment?

3. September 2010 at 18:21

symbian logoWe were not shocked when we heard the news about Samsung pointing out that they are not currently interested in getting Symbian platform in their mobile devices. As the company also noted that Bada and Android OS are their preferred platform as they see great potentials and benefits from these. The proof is that they already didn’t made another Symbian phone after the Samsung Omnia HD i8910.

Further more, there is only one big reason for this, though, and that was the slow pace of Symbian Foundation’s development on a competitive UI for the last couple of years. The reaction was also drastic not only to Samsung, it’s also seen to other manufacturers who used Symbian platform like Nokia and Sony Ericsson long before Samsung. And it seems that Symbian’s growth in market for the next months would be the vital key on Samsung’s decision on getting back for Symbian.

Finally it’s the Symbian^4 that would fit the company if ever they will be back in making devices in the said os platform. Determining of Symbian’s growth in market will surely be based on Nokia’s approach to mass offering Nokia N8 as the start-off flagship. And if ever it would be good feedback then watching this S. Korean company getting work with ‘rubber ducks’ on their lab is not surprising news.

What do you think of this move by Samsung? It’s just a right timing or it’s just making their selves late on the upcoming Symbian^4?