Nokia E5 multitasking 74 apps, pawning Samsung Omnia i8910 HD

5. September 2010 at 14:45

Nokia E5Last time we saw how the Samsung Omnia hd run 62 apps at once, but it seems Symbian has another multitasKING and that would be on the line of S60 3rd edition, and that’s the new Nokia E5. Devouring 74 applications is a hefty task for all smartphone devices. It would need a decent amount of RAM and a speedy processor. Like on the Nokia E5, you would not need to bother running 70+ applications any more. See the video after the break…

The secret behind this is of course on the specs of the phone. It has a 256MB RAM, whilst it will get more than 160MB free RAM at start basing on the Handy Taskman done by MobileGeekInc. Adding to that is the 600MHz ARMM 11 processor that would gave a speedy navigation on the whole UI. Plus we should not forget that it runs on Symbian platform at Series S60 FP2 or S60v3.

Check the Nokia E5 Unboxing gallery

Via MobileGeekInc