Nokia World 2010 Expectations – Are you ready?

12. September 2010 at 12:35

Nokia World 2010

Get ready to fasten your seatbelt and put your helmet on because Nokia World invasion is coming!

It’s getting more intensifying as we countdown the remaining hours until the opening of Nokia World 2010 that’s happening on 14th and 15th of September. The event will be held at heart of UK that’s on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. This event is also the most awaited gathering of this year for Nokia community as we expect different keynotes from great speakers, parties with free drinks and snacks, and of course, the most exciting is the announcement of new services and devices.

This will be also a big celebration for Nokia because there will be a great transformation happening at the start and end of Nokia World. Right after the Nokia World, on September 21, the respected President and CEO, OPK, will be replaced by Stephen Elop. OPK have served 30 years for Nokia, thus, he made big contributions to the company that became the number one mobile manufacturer for decades, too. And now they believe that it is time for transformation as they approach software industry control, combining their current prowess in hardware industry.

Nokia World 2010

I bet most of you are also excited for this event, same as me. So what do you expect that will be happening in NW10? More devices? Or launch of new services? Of course expectations is new Symbian^3 smartphones. But how about you?  So speak out and feel free to leave your comments below.

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