Video: Understanding what is MeeGo and comparing it to Symbian

12. September 2010 at 15:46

During the last Intel Oscon in Orlando, the guys there have managed to put some wrap-up on how to understand the term what MeeGo is, technically. It’s also been months since the word MeeGo appeared in the net and as a tech term. It’s not that too tricky neither too hard to understand on what is the basic of MeeGo, though.

For most of us that are 3rd end users of both Nokia and Symbian devices, and also me, being as a contributor of a Symbian community, I would always love to learn more things about this new platform. Basing on my own understanding as a 3rd user and contributor, MeeGo is an open platform that have great potentials for innovations as well as with great solutions. Innovations that would create more benefits for us and solutions through simplifying existing technologies that we have today.

Created by merging Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin, MeeGo would surely change the way we live in future. We’ll see more on how it do and what will it bring when we finally meet different platforms to support MeeGo and of course the Nokia N9 by later this year.

Symbian and MeeGo

It was 10 years ago when Ericsson released their first Symbian smartphone device, R380, and it was also that time when Nokia released a successor to their Nokia 9000 Communicator and that’s running on Symbian OS, the Nokia 9210 Communicator. Followed by succeeding years until Symbian platform finally gained the spot of being the number one OS for smartphones up to now. So it ruled for a decade, but what about after 2010?

When Nokia and Intel recently announced MeeGo, we were baffled on what will be Nokia’s next approach on their mobile devices, as they’ve just acquired the license company for Symbian OS together with the Symbian Foundation last 2008. And it’s obvious that they still consider the big potentials on Symbian platform.  It is like they have both bread and butter, or both shield and sword now but we aren’t sure if where do each platform would fit in.

But not too long after the unveiling of MeeGo, we finally have been lighten up on how Nokia will make use of it. MeeGo for new type ofnokia e90 devices and aim the rest of smartphone devices through Symbian platform. Actually, we should realize all these things since the start of the Nokia N800 tablet running on Maemo. They’re always aiming for open platforms that they would use not only on their smartphones but to create new products by the use of MeeGo, and stick to Symbian and deliver smartphones for the mass.

What’s important is we shouldn’t think that Symbian will be stuck on the mid end devices, to prove it, we have the high-end device, the Nokia N8, that is currently running on Symbian^3. What more is the up coming device to be announced this NW2010 and Symbian^4 devices early next year.

All these are based on how I understand the two platforms being a 3rd end user and a community contributor.