What happens when you upload something with Wavelog?

22. March 2008 at 18:22

This is an update to my post “Who Blogs Best?“, I hadn’t spoken about Wavelog in its full potential, but the Telewaving team was kind enough to send me a free copy of the program, so that I can complete the review.
The only thing I will focus on are the image, video, and audio uploads, and what happens to them when you insert them.

When blogging from the phone we will obviously upload phone content, that is pictures from our phone’s camera, video that we recorded using the camera, in some cases it can be great quality if you have a N95, N82 or N93, and more, and obviously sound recorded with the microphone, which would be useful in interviews or press conferences.

We first create a new post.

We select the text input field position, and then enter whatever we wish. We do the same with picture, video, and sound. In my post, I entered text on the top left section, a JPEG picture on the top right, a MP4 video on the bottom left, and an AMR sound clip in the bottom right.

We are done now…let’s click upload and see what happens.

Upload time depends on the speed of your network connection. If you are uploading videos I suggest you activate your 3G. Everything seems to run smoothly until it gets to the audio upload. It seems that Wavelog somehow does not support AMR files, and these are the most widely used when recording from the phone, although now you can get an application which records in MP3 for a reasonable price.

The only thing left to do now is checking the result on a computer. With Firefox I could not read the post as it asked for a Quicktime plugin. On Internet Explorer there was no problem, but the image uploaded was shown as a tiny thumbnail, and for the video, there was only a link, and it was almost invisible, as its image did not load.

In some time we will see a new Wavelog version according to the programs, I believe there is a lot of possibility for this journalistic application to be a success among all bloggers that use WordPress.

My Suggestions:

  • There is a need for a much better GUI, get rid of all text field positions, and just make it one whole field.
  • Introduce formatting options, let us select the text, go to options, and make it Bold, Italic, etc.
  • Introduce bullets, numbering, picture link insertion.
  • When uploading pictures, let us choose between showing the thumbnail, full size, or even let us scale the image on the post.
  • Let us upload images to YouTube so that we can stream video.
  • When it comes to audio, make it possible to upload any format, and stream it on the post.
  • An important feature are Tags and Categories, let us choose them or create them and select them for the post.
  • Let us retrieve posts from the blog and edit them.

If you guys can think of more suggestions, you should email them to the Telewaving team.