Nokia N95 Firmware v21.0.016 – first thoughts

27. March 2008 at 18:32

Since yesterday the new firmware v21.0.016 for the Nokia N95-1 “classic”, is officially available over the Nokia Software Updater. When I heard this news the first thing I thought was: I want this new firmware. Now! – so I downloaded it, re-installed all my applications and setted my N95 like I was used to it.

Today I was playing with my N95 and found some good improvements, but also some bugs. As I heard over at the Telefon-Treff forums, the new firmware works fine on the N95´s of some people but some, including me, say that the new firmware is very buggy.

Now I want to show you the good and the bad points I found out yet:


  • Faster Menu
  • Faster Sat-Fix
  • Search!-Application starts faster
  • The preview-pictures in the gallery are loading much faster
  • switching to landscape-mode and back works better
  • rotateMe! works better
  • little bit better batterylife
  • Flash support


  • reports, that some applications won´t work any longer
  • applications are crashing more often
  • sometimes software doesn´t react
  • navigation with the navi-key works sometimes only delayed
  • reports, that w-lan won´t work properly any longer
  • applications crashing on start-up

To show you one of the problems I have with my N95 since the update, I´ve made a little video of starting the Maps application:

As you can see it crashes everytime on start.


If you can´t live without watching flash videos online on your Multimedia Computer you should update. If you can live without this point you shouldn´t update.

If you´re lucky you have none of this problems, but some people like me are having this problems now till the next update, so it´s very annoying…