Nokia C7 Q and A highlights with Tim Allen – Nokia Product Manager

17. September 2010 at 08:00

Nokia C7 front and backYesterday morning WOMWorld Nokia hosted an interesting Q and A on line with Tim Allen, Nokia Product manager for the new C7 Symbian^3 device announced at the Nokia World 2010 event in London this week. A number of Nokia bloggers, including myself attended this event, here are some of the highlights of the session which lasted approximately 60 minutes.

(Q) Nuno Pereira: Hi Tim, (first of all, thank you for your presence in here), my first question would be about the design of the C7: Honestly, it looks a bit “Samsung-ish”. Was it a natural decision, or the decision was made after the success alike models from Samsung?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Nuno The design of Nokia C7 was based on huge amount of consumer research which we undertake constantly. Design languages emerge over time, and are not “reactive”. The same effect can be seen in the way in which car designs evolve. Consumers drive the design of our products.

(Q) Carrotmadman6: What are the different video codecs that the C7/Symbian^3 can play? (mkv, xvid, divx?)

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @carrotmadman6 Nokia C7 supports VC-1 AP (720p 30fps); RealVideo 10 (QVGA 30fps) for playback and MPEG-4 SP; H.264 BP; VC-1 MP D1 30fps (or VGA); RealVideo 10 QVGA 30fps 768kbps for streaming. We do not fully support playback of Dolby Digital content.

(Q) NokiaNewscom: Any reason why the C7 with all it’s features wasn’t released with a 12Mp camera.

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @NokiaNewscom12MP AF camera is physically larger than the 8MP module. Our design intent from the start with Nokia C7 was to keep a sleek design, and that meant we could not use the 12MP module. Furthermore we believe we can get excellent results from the 8MP module, which should more than satisfy the Nokia C7 user.

(Q) Nuno Pereira: What would be the implications of CBD on the C7? a bit larger? Higher battery consumption? 20$ above the price range?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Nuno Selecting features for a mobile device is always tricky, and ultimately it is about getting the right balance between design cost and features.

(Q) Madhusudhan: When will the C7 will be launched in India?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @madhusudhan We expect to start shipping Nokia C7 in 4th quarter 2010. It will become available in local markets gradually, but we are unable to be more specific about dates in particular countries at this time.

(Q) Hrw: Tim: C7 is listed as having USB On-The-Go support. Will it work as USB Host or only USB Device?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Hrw Yes, Nokia C7 supports USB on-the-go, meaning it can work as a host or a client. And the USB port supports charging too!

(Q) MeeGoExperts MeeGoExperts: Tim, Do you feel Nokia has done enough with the reinvention of the Symbian UI to keep the public interested?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @MeeGo Experts – Symbian^3 brings lots of UI performance benefits to the consumer, specifically addressing concerns of consumers. We’ve listened to the feedback.

(Q) Marc Middendorp: Hi there what is the difference between the C7 en C6 ?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Marc The biggest differences are: Display size (3.5-inch/ 3.2-inch), Internal memory (8GB + microSD/ 0GB + microSD), FM transmitter (included in Nokia C7 only), Active Noise Cancellation (included in Nokia C7).

(Q) StevenSmith: I have just been looking over the official specification for the Nokia C7 and I am wondering for a device with such a high quality camera which is obviously aimed at people who like to share, why did you decide to leave out any kind of TV connectivity?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @StevenSmith Hi Steven! Nokia C7 has TV Out via the 3.5mm AV connector at the top of the device. Standard cable. Works really well too.

(Q) Jay Kim: Hi Tim/WOM World. What are the major differences between the N8 and the C7? (minus the HDMI & Camera which is quite obvious)

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Jay Well there’s also the internal memory (16GB vs 8GB), Active Noise Cancellation for clear voice calls (included in Nokia C7). Nokia C7 also includes a torch… one of the benefits of having LED flash. Dolby Digital 5.1 is included in Nokia N8 (via HDMI) which doesn’t come in the Nokia C7.

(Q) Honey: C7 support full focus camera. Whats the difference in full focus and auto focus.

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Honey Full focus uses EDOF technology, meaning that everything from around 1m to infinity is in focus. There are no moving parts in the optics, resulting in a much lower profile camera module. Autofocus cameras work by moving the optics (fatter camera), and only part of the image is in focus. The great thing about FullFocus is that it’s good for quick “grab” shots, and matches perfectly the needs of our consumers.

(Q) GlennL: Does the C7 do full screen video calls

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @GlennL Nokia C7 supports video calls using the VGA secondary camera above the display.

(Q) VIJAY: C7 doesn’t do autofocus but why nokia removed this feature ?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Vijay From the start, we said we wanted Nokia C7 to be a sleek device. Getting a really good AF camera into a slim profile was never going to be possible. So we chose the best camera we could to match the device design. The 8MP camera is performing really well and delivering great results. People who saw the prints at Nokia World were amazed. I’ll try to get some of those images posted on asap so you can see for yourself.

(Q) Talakem: Does C7 get portrait keyboard and is Swype available to C7?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @talakem Great question, and thanks for asking that! Portrait qwerty is something we are taking very seriously, but we only want to implement it when we are completely happy it works well. Right now, qwerty is only in landscape. “English” qwerty is relatively straightforward, but other language qwerty keyboards are wider and they present us with a usability challenge and we’re not yet happy to release it. As for Swype, yes. I use it myself and it’s great. It will be available through Ovi Store as a free download. We don’t want to preload it because some users just don’t like it. But I LOVE it!

(Q) Honey: Can we hope the final c7 product with CBD ?

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @honey Nokia C7 is now in the final stages of extensive testing, and we are not implementing CBD. Our product range constantly evolves, and you will see this technology being deployed in other products as appropriate. But not in Nokia C7.

(Q) VIJAY: Why nokia introduced the C7 @ higher pricer than N8 ? Is Thinness comes at a price ?

(Q) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @vijay Pricing of our devices varies across regions and operators according to local subsidies and taxes. For example in Nokia Online Shops in Spain and Italy, Nokia N8 is priced at 469 euros.

(Q) Nuno Pereira: Ok then, here goes the Q: The flash on the C7 is LED flash, and it’s mentioned 3rd gen. LED. What’s this all about? Is it somewhat related to “CREE”‘s technology? Or is it better/diferent? (a bit technical, if can’t be answered by Tim, i’ll leave another, just in case)
It’s mentioned on the product page that social networking profiles will be displayed on the contacts list: How? Somewhat related to the way the N900 does it? And will it be an automatic feature/easy to use (like 3 steps)?
Observation: I’ve noticed the battery cover on the C7 uses the same mechanism as thee E75. On the E75, this cover tends to gain some gaps. (i hope this issue was solve and it won’t happen on the C7)

(A) Tim Allen – Nokia C7 Product Manager: @Nuno LED flash technology constantly evolves. Nokia C7 uses 3rd generation of this technology. It’s just brighter and more efficient! Social networking status is really easy to see on Nokia C7. There’s a widget on the home screen which shows all the updates from Facebook etc. directly on the home screen – live! You can also look at a contact in your phonebook and click the “Social network” button and get the latest updates from just that person. It’s really easy.

And that was it for this mornings Q and A with Tim. So what do you think of the new C7? Will you be getting it when it becomes available?