It is a big deal that Nokia N8 is delayed? [Update: some of the pre-orders only]

21. September 2010 at 03:21

Nokia-N8-06The latest rumours on Nokia’s first Symbian^3, Nokia N8, release were speculated to be delayed in most of the markets, and someone is really right about this. The Nokia N8 is delayed again and those who pre-ordered their Nokia N8 would get their phone in October and some is worse that they might get it in November. But luckily, some of the markets will received their pre-ordered Nokia N8 by the end of September and probably it will be on the UK and other European countries as we see news who opposed this delayed. This move by Nokia is to ensure that there will no big software glitches and to make the N8 stable, so, users satisfaction will not be the same on the Nokia N97.

However, this move might startled the sales of Nokia N8 as the other Symbian^3 devices have already announced and will be available in fourth quarter this year. This might be a turning point for others, but what we currently see is that there is a big positive feedback on Nokia N8 and Symbian^3 and this might not affect the the buyers’ decision.

Referring to you the full statement made in one Nokia market official:

“We want the Nokia N8 a fantastic user experience offer and are not prepared at that level of compromise. The number of pre-orders, our expectations surpassed and we are working hard to make the Nokia N8 asap to deliver. In some markets (including IT) delivery was scheduled for end September. For the best user experience, we decided to make deliveries for a few weeks to postpone the finals so we can make software changes.

We expect that consumers will receive their Nokia N8’s during October and pre-orders through the Nokia Online Shop are in the first deliveries. We are extremely pleased with the way the device is received in the market. This is shown by another during the community event # EventN8 anywhere All About Phones existed. Thanks in advance for the patience and confidence. We could anyone who has ordered the unit to ensure that the wait is worth it!

It is really a big deal that Nokia N8 is delayed? But for me it’s a good move that they will put their ‘final amends’ rather than releasing it with immature software use. Nonetheless, we have a different point and you could consider that time is a big deal.

Update from Nokia Conversation says that only some of the pre-orders will be affected and overall availability of N8 in market can vary.

[via: Endgadet source: AAP ]